Love Amongst Strangers: Twisted

posted by Jason Kenney

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The click of the turning deadbolt put both of their attention to the door.

“Patience, patience, git” said the man behind the door as he pulled it open. He looked as if he’d just woken up, but that was just his style. “Some of us don’t run on your… Holy hell, Jeffery Carter.”

“No way,” said Jeffery, stunned for a moment then breaking into a smile. “Termin…”

“Get in here,” said Termin, turning and waving Jeffery in, slapping him on the back as he entered. “Close the door behind ya,” he said over his shoulder as he led Jeffery inside. “What the hell have you been up to, man?”


The years have not been kind to Jeffery Carter.

Following the collapse of Pacific City and the death of his friends, Carter finds himself the tool of the mysterious Mister Oblique; a man willing to trade information regarding a lost scarab for the simple task of policing a city and of protecting one of Oblique’s new freelance agents, Ayesha Swanson.

Consumed by guilt following the loss of his former home, Carter is strong-armed into an arrangement that is neither wanted nor, at first, needed. Yet as time passes, as the stakes increase, both Jeffery Carter and Ayesha Swanson find there is more to the city of London, and the missions Mister Oblique assigns them, than either bodyguard or magician ever expected.

Taking place following the events of both Bush43 and Love Amongst Strangers, Jacob Milnestein and Jason S. Kenney’s Twisted is the beginning of a new era for both tales… and the start of a dramatic new twist for all characters involved.

Love Amongst Strangers: Twisted for the Amazon Kindle: US
Love Amongst Strangers: Twisted for the Amazon Kindle: UK

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