A Little Bit About Termin (Mysteria: Frozen In Heaven Ebook)

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This week’s release of THE BLACKFRIARS BESTIARY: third tome included some characters long time AC readers may have recognized. Not just Jeffery Carter/Bush43 but the too rarely used Termin. Created by Chris Munn, Termin first appeared in Anthology 2 #29 – Mysteria: Frozen In Heaven as a member of Mages of America. He was destined to have a role in eventual New Mages stories that have been referenced but not quite written yet:

“You two know each other?”

“No, complete strangers, never seen this asshole before in my life,” Termin said with a smirk as he tilted a chair to empty its contents onto the floor and set it before Jeffery. “Have a seat. Want a drink?”

“I’m good.” Jeffery remained standing. “New Mages,” Jeffery said to Ayesha. “Termin did a run with us into New York.”

“Hell of a time…”

Using Termin and referencing past stories proves a great opportunity to introduce a new offering from Artifice Comics: Free ebooks

Over the next few months as we get rolling with new stories, some old ones will see the light of day in formats perfect for ereaders or printing as a way for new readers to become more acquainted with Artifice’s vast history and for old readers to relive its best moments. As we explore the tools at our disposal, you all get to reap the rewards.

You’re welcome.

So without further ado:

Anthology 2 – Mysteria: Frozen In Heaven .epub

Anthology 2 – Mysteria: Frozen In Heaven .pdf

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