Ars Magna: Talisman

posted by Artifice Comics

An emerald dragon and a stone golem. These are not the companions young Sheila Torrance expects to make at the beginning of her journey in the sprawling Australian metropolis of Pacific City, yet as she finds her life at risk from the machinations of the manipulative Christmas family and their loyal henchmen, the Texan shaman, Tex Arkana, and his leather suited accomplice, Bryce, Sheila must learn how to best understand the mystery of the tiny statuettes in order to rescue her young cousin from the terror of the Fenris Wolf!

Set within the Artifice Comics shared universe, Ars Magna: Talisman is recommended for fans of Harry Potter, Pokémon, and classical mythology, and represents a new era for speculative shared universe fiction.

Available from smashwords, iBooks, and Kobo.

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