AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Shaun Hamilton (Editor of Voices from A Coma)

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Psychopomp volume 5


Ladies and gentlemen,

Whilst you were otherwise engaged, the world has ended.

Psychopomp Volume 5 arrives with eleven new tales of woe and surprise from regular authors, Simon O’Brien, Jack Buxton and Samuel Shiro, as well as established authors, Mark Bousquet – fresh from his triumphant entry in the recent Psychopunk special – and E.N. de Choudens, author of A Quick Look to an Insane Mind.

Zachary Houle and Gregory Rosa are present from Artifice Comics’ free Bento Box anthology series, as well as Drive88 reveiwer, Karl Volmer, and both new editor Shaun A.J. Hamilton, and new author, Zach Smith.

The approach to this, our largest collection to date, is flippant and playful, a larger-than-life collection of comic book sensibilities and darker meanings. Inside you will find superheroes, the restless undead, an antiquarian monarch and an even older curse, and two distinct sets of exploding intestines.

With one serial drawing soon to a close – Love Amongst Strangers by Jack Buxton – and another just beginning – The Blood is the Life by Samuel Shiro – the fifth volume of Psychopomp promises to be the most explosive (literally) and flippant yet.


Ill at ease 2


Following on from the critical success of “ill at ease” comes volume 2, featuring seven original horror short stories, all of them guaranteed to give you the chills. Joining the original trio of Stephen Bacon, Mark West and Neil Williams this time are Shaun Hamilton, Robert Mammone, Val Walmsley and Sheri White.


Midnight Echo Issue 7 (Midnight Echo magazine)


Midnight Echo is the official magazine of the Australian Horror Writers Association.

Midnight Echo magazine is released in a limited print edition and in digital format (epub, mobi, and PDF), and contains more than 100 pages of horror (or dark) fiction, poetry, art, comics, book releases, and more! Visit us at

Edited by Daniel I Russell, Midnight Echo Issue 7, the taboo issue, features all new fiction by Graham Masterton, Lee Battersby, Andrew J McKiernan, and more, disturbing art by Joshua Hoffine, Jason Paulos, and Greg Hughes, interviews with Joe R Lansdale, Graham Masterton, and Joshua Hoffine, the comic series Allure of the Ancients by Mark Farrugia and Greg Chapman, and a special tribute to Paul Haines.

130 pages of fiction, art, interviews, book releases, and more!

So if you like your addictions, your fetishes and all the other things you’ve been told not to like, slip on your latex gloves and take a peek inside. We’d love to indulge in your secret pleasures…and terrors.


Morpheus Tales #23


The twenty third issue of the UK’s most controversial weird fiction magazine! Featuring: The Body Bank By Charlotte Johnson, Double Ganger By E.B. Hoight, The Passenger By Edward A. Taylor, Angus By Alexander Williamson, Equilibrioception Revoked By Adam Millard, Ancestral Sins By Scathe meic Beorh, Squatters By Todd Outcalt, The Dink, the Donk, and the Pool Pile By Douglas J. Ogurek, And Then There Was Only Us By Kenneth Buff, I Know You By Shaun AJ Hamilton. Read the magazine Christopher Fowler calls “edgy and dark”.



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