Bento Box #16

posted by Artifice Comics

Atlantic City has been destroyed.

Almost a decade after the loss of Earth’s first and foremost superhero, an entire city has been destroyed by a superhuman cult; they wear his costume, his sigil burnt into the fabric of their uniforms – and yet they are unlike him, difficult to read, their language ambiguous, their manner alien. No longer identifying as human, they are secretive and silent, standing at the divide between the past and the future.

And the only person who might have the answers as to where they came from does not want to be involved… not even when they arrive unbidden in his apartment.

In the tradition of classic ’90s superhero comics by Claremont and Byrne, Bento Box #16 features stories by Jason S. Kenney (Love Amongst Strangers: Twisted), Robbie Lizhini (Presidential Pulp), and Adrian J. Watts (Guardian Force Roboman) in a new era for speculative shared universe superhero fiction.

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