Bento Box #17

posted by Artifice Comics

If you can imagine it, then somewhere on the internet there is probably a pornographic depiction of it – even the hideous destruction of a city by costumed post-humans.

In the weeks and months since Atlantic City was wiped from the map, the world is struggling to deal with the lack of details surrounding a mysterious cult of young people seemingly drawing their inspiration and imagery from the career of the world’s premiere superhero, Millennium Man. Demonised by the press, eroticised by low-budget porn films, the Millennials remain a cultural enigma, an isolated movement outside of traditional values and beliefs.

In the tradition of classic ’90s superhero comics by Claremont and Byrne, Bento Box #17 features stories by Jason S. Kenney (Love Amongst Strangers: Twisted), Robbie Lizhini (Presidential Pulp), and Artifice Comics stalwart, Ed Ainsworth, in a new era for speculative shared universe superhero fiction.

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