Blackfriars Bestiary 2.2

posted by Jason Kenney

They called it the Engine because it was driven: driven to destroy super-humans! And yet before that, there was the field test. In the vast of the Australian Outback, the former super villain Dustdevil struggles to outrun fate itself. Meanwhile, amidst the mountains, far, far away, freelance magician Ayesha Swanson and her bodyguard, Mister Mo wait for their contact amidst a reclusive race of spider-people when they find themselves ambushed by a group of loathsome bounty hunters of terrifying skill – and all the while, former superhero, Professor Charles Winters waits for the coming of the Singularity.

Set within the Love Amongst Strangers universe, the new volume of our anthology series, Blackfriars Bestiary weighs in with seven unique stories, each detailing a unique corner of the vast series universe and featuring a diverse array of characters. Featuring authors such as Jack Buxton (Love Amongst Strangers: The Other Side), Greg Rosa (Dreamer’s Syndrome: New World Navigation), Jason S. Kenney (Love Amongst Strangers: Twisted) and Artifice Comics legends, Ashley Corgan and Matthew James Pierce, Blackfriars Bestiary 2.2 serves as your jumping on point for the adventures of Ayesha Swanson and Mister Mo and the world in which they live.

Recommended for fans of Doctor Who, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and John Constantine, Hellblazer, Blackfriars Bestiary is your first port of call for all things action and supernatural!

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