Bush43 Volume 1: Oh, The Lameity

posted by Jason Kenney

cover Bush43 Vol. 1: Oh, the Lameity

The mask was snug over my head. One of those rubber Halloween costume deals. My eyes peeked out from the sockets in the mask, my smile inside wider than the dumb smirk on the mask itself.
It was quite a step up from those paper deals held to your head by a rubber band. I almost went with one of those. It was cheaper and still covered my face. For the most part.

But, no, I splurged and got myself a high quality mask.

I figure if I could spend a hundred bucks on a suit I could spend another twenty on a mask. Besides, my identity is worth the extra expense, right?

Help me out here, folks, I’m only looking for a little vindication.

Anyways, rubber mask on my head, tie neatly um… tied, looking spiffy, ready to go.

Pacific City, get ready for George W. Bush.

When your costume is a suit, tie and George W. Bush mask it’s hard to be taken seriously as a superhero. Volume 1 collects the first four issues of Bush43 and an exclusive Issue #0. Read the series Derrick Ferguson (Dillon And The Voice Of Odin) calls “Fun, light-hearted superheroics with a hint of darkness at the corners.”

Bush 43: Volume 1 – Oh the lameity – Kindle US
Bush 43: Volume 1 – Oh the lameity -Kindle UK
Bush 43: Volume 1 – Oh the lameity – Smashwords

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