PSYCHOPOMP: Halloween Special 2013

posted by Lisa Knight

Halloween coverTrick-or-treat Psychonauts!

The Halloween special is here to delight and tease those dark tendencies hidden deep within.

Contained within this book of the dead, we have tales to appeal to your wickedness. There’s a witch that can be bribed with candy, a rose garden that might be the only fate that we can be sure of, werewolves submitting to inhuman desires as they tear throats and consume limbs under the full moon, the journey from anger to a home for the hopeless, spirits taking the form of lost loves in order to tempt the living to part with their bodies, a girl turning her back on humanity to fall under the influence of a vampire, demonic thoughts driving a soul into madness, a mermaid corrupted by the desire for power, the unmasking of a jewel thief by a demoness, a single sacrifice for the good of the many, the disintegration of a lost love from flesh and blood to nothingness, remains being buried under the gaze of a celestial eye and the choice of life or death after watching a montage of your own existence.

Featuring stories by Micke Lindquist, Cyma Rizwaan Khan, E.N. De Choudens, Dave Fragments, Mitchell Ross, Erik Hofstatter, J.A Torres, Toki, Mark Bousquet and Chad Schimke.

You can buy a copy from Amazon UK/Amazon US


Psychopomp Artifice Comics Lisa Knight Josh Reynolds Howard Billington Jack Buxton Jason Kenney Adrian J Watts Jericho Vilar Samuel Shiro Robbie Lizhini HH Neville Edward Ainsworth Cachecope Bell Louise Hart Mark Bousquet Adrienne Warren Sarah Tsang


Psychopomp Artifice Comics Lisa Knight Howard Billington Jason Kenney Adrian J Watts Jericho Vilar Josh Reynolds Jack Buxton Robbie Lizhini Tim Mathias Mark Bousquet Efrain Nadal De Choudens Cameron Trost Jon Olson Greg Rosa Martin David Edwards Patrick Donovan Adrienne Warren Louise Hart Mitchell Beanland


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