Psychopomp Volume 1

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psychopomp_oct Psychopomp Volume One available exclusively on Amazon

The idea of Psychopomp is to guide readers on a journey into foreign waters. It is an endeavour to present a doorway to worlds of fiction previously unexplored, by voices previously unheard. By picking up this, the first of many collections, you yourself have begun your training as a Psychonaut.

Featuring short stories by seven new and upcoming authors from North London and around the world, Psychopomp showcases the best in both genre and literary fiction, a combination of challenging and engaging tales to intrigue all readers.

Originating within the leafy calm of Hampstead and established to give voice to local authors and likeminded friends and colleagues the world over, Psychopomp intends to address and explore themes of loss and departure within the context of modern pop culture and shifting genres. The work is structured in such a way that each author approaches their conflict on a personal level, coaxing and inviting the reader into communion with the heart of their themes.

Present for dissemination within the first volume are tales of time travel, isolation, obnoxious passengers on public transport, public executions, endless shadows and failed romance. Each story is both a challenge and a secret, an invitation to delve deeper into ideas and events that underpin our everyday lives yet are forever set apart by emotional resonance.

Each collection of Psychopomp is intended as a series of tales from worlds we have only previously heard of by hearsay, worlds where we hope never to find ourselves; worlds that may await all of us during darker

Psychopomp intends to walk, to sprint, to sail and fly across the geography of shadows, of which we live in blissful ignorance.

Imagine Kerouac searching across America in the company of Barker’s Aaron Boone; imagine Holden Caulfield on the shores of Unknown Kadath, Jack London stumbling through Interzone, the Marquis de Sade a guest of solemn Arkham Asylum, Saint Paul composing letters from the world unhallowed by the Messiah in which he professes belief.

Imagine that this is a guide book and that your instructor now awaits you at the stern of a boat composed of rotting wood.

Step inside and leave the shore on tides of silence.

You are now us.

Psychopomp Volume 1 for the Amazon Kindle: US
Psychopomp Volume 1 for the Amazon Kindle: UK

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