Psychopomp Volume 2

posted by Jason Kenney

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The second volume of Psychopomp debuts amidst the flurries of winter winds, the water upon which your feet must tread now frozen and brittle.

Following the success of two seasonal special volumes, Psychopomp begins 2013 with further tales from our unique authors, each one highlighting the tension and anxiety of a journey deep into uncharted waters.

Bookended by new work cataloguing the post-festive blues from emerging West London poet, Lisa Knight, Psychopomp’s second volume continues one saga in the shape of Jericho Vilar film noir induced modern Western, Two Guns, whilst also premiering is a new serial from Jack Buxton, The Wanderer, expounding here upon themes of displacement in time-travel and the loss of identity to the howling desert winds.

Presenting a glimpse into the private thoughts of a television reporter estranged by her long-term collaborator, Martin David Edwards offers a fortuitous ride in a helicopter whilst Simon O’Brien presents a doomed journey upon a train, Victoria and Battersea the back drop for one man’s inability to change his fate.

Meanwhile, the characters of Shalimar Sahota’s On A School Day do their utmost to change fate, racing across a city to prevent a mysterious tyrant from dooming sleepwalking teens to untimely deaths.

Likewise, Jason S. Kenney explores change and the actions we take to engender such change in a tale rich with atmosphere and film noir trappings.

Present also is the opening chapter of a new tale set within Jacob Milnestein’s Love Amongst Strangers universe by Jack Buxton.

Compiled as an ongoing series of short anthologies with a growing catalogue of diverse fiction, Psychopomp enters its second phase with a rush and a push.

Psychopomp Volume 2 for the Amazon Kindle: US
Psychopomp volume 2 for the Amazon Kindle: UK

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