Psychopomp Volume 3

posted by Lisa Knight

Psychopomp 3 cover

Born of a black ocean upon which no ship sails, the latest compilation of tales comprising the newest Psychopomp anthology focuses on the bargains we make and the blessings and curses we trade in.

Featuring poetry from Alice Old, Lisa Knight and Adrian J. Watts, prose from Cachecope Bell, Martin David Edwards, C.S. Roberts, Jason S. Kenney, Simon O’Brien, Samuel Shiro, Etch and Jack Buxton, Psychopomp’s third volume also comes adorned with a cover by podcast host Howard Billington and collaborator Darren Simpson.

A heartfelt examination of the human heart and the forces that gold sway over it, the new volume of Psychopomp is both a love letter and a statement of intent from a nouveau generation of rising artists.


Do you want to be in Psychopomp? Visit the submissions page for more information

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