Psychopomp Volume 4

posted by Lisa Knight

Psychopomp 4 cover

Centered on the experience of what it is to love and to refuse, the fourth volume of Psychopomp features eight stories and two poems detailing the voyage from the need to share experience with another to the desire to withdraw from them.

From the giant sea beetles of a remote island to a crippled star ship caught in a gravity well, our volume this month is about the things we do to one another in order that we might survive.

Featuring work from new contributors Dale Carothers, Tim Mathias, John Paul Fitch, Michael Lindquist, Joseph W. Patterson and Sarah Tsang, as well as contributions from regular Psychonauts Samuel Shiro, Lisa Knight, Adrian J. Watts and Martin David Edwards, Psychopomp Volume 4 also continues Jack Buxton’s on-going Love Amongst Strangers serial.

Available now for Kindle, Psychopomp volume 4 is our largest issue to date.



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