Psychopomp Volume Eight

posted by Jason Kenney

Pirates! Aliens! Cannibals! Brain-squid-things-whatever-the-hell-they-are! Mythological vaginas! Psychopomp brings you a festering sack of seasonal genre fiction in time for Hallowe’en! Your ebook reader will literally putrefy as you load this file, your throat will fill with vomit, your excrement turn to water.* You will find yourself losing the will to live as you thumb through these eighteen tales of pure gonzo oddity and you will not thank us for it.

You will wish you had downloaded a haunted Pokemon ROM, you will wish you had thought about Slender Man too much. You will wish you had not downloaded this ebook – and that’s a Psychopomp promise.

Make yourself miserable this Hallowe’en, download Psychopomp Volume Eight today!

* actual reader experience may vary.

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