Psychopomp Volume five: Title reveal!

posted by Lisa Knight

Chapter 34 in the Ongoing Adventures of Nick the Exploding Cat by Zachary Houle
The Eagle Has Landed by Adrian J. Watts
From Caliburn: A Story of the High-King Arthur by Gregory Rosa
The Blood is the Life 1 by Samuel Shiro
The Find by Simon O’Brien
Broken Little Girls: “The Better to See You With” by Mark Bousquet
Rain by E. N. de Choudens
Stroke of Midnight by Karl Volmer
Friday Night by Jean-Michael De Louis
Slit by Shaun AJ Hamilton
Illogical Traffic Patterns by Zach Smith
Love Amongst Strangers: Love Between Friends by Jack Buxton


Psychopomp Artifice Comics Lisa Knight Josh Reynolds Howard Billington Jack Buxton Jason Kenney Adrian J Watts Jericho Vilar Samuel Shiro Robbie Lizhini HH Neville Edward Ainsworth Cachecope Bell Louise Hart Mark Bousquet Adrienne Warren Sarah Tsang


Psychopomp Artifice Comics Lisa Knight Howard Billington Jason Kenney Adrian J Watts Jericho Vilar Josh Reynolds Jack Buxton Robbie Lizhini Tim Mathias Mark Bousquet Efrain Nadal De Choudens Cameron Trost Jon Olsen Greg Rosa Martin David Edwards Patrick Donovan Adrienne Warren Louise Hart Mitchell Beanland


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