Psychopomp Volume Nine

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What if we told you that that your life depends on downloading this anthology? What if, unawares, your home has been broken into by the seven authors of Psychopomp Volume Nine and all that can save you is a click of the download button?

Showcasing stories of mechanical afterlives, wayward fairies, galleons to the stars, first contact with an alien species, the new volume of Psychopomp will leave you starry-eyed and wonderstruck, overcome by the need to travel, to cast your eyes over distant vistas of unknown plains; to make more of your shabby life, to spend less time downloading free ebooks on smashwords. That’s right! It’s a Psychopomp promise, folks. We want to make you download less free crap – because after this, why would you need it?

Featuring the work of by Greg Rosa (Dreamer’s Syndrome: New World Navigation), Adrian J. Watts (Guardian Force Roboman), Matthew Cavazos (Ars Magna: Talisman), and Psychopomp stalwarts, Rown Cota, Janie Cannarella, and Matthew J. Pierce, this collection is the latest in a series of speculative works from Mysteria Press recommended for fans of Neil Gaiman and Grant Morrison.

Available from smashwords

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