Psychopomp Volume Six

posted by Lisa Knight

Bigger, better, longer – Psychopomp Vol.6 contains 16 stories from 14 of the world’s best and newest stitchers of short stories and purveyors of poetry! From nightmares to the setting of a distant star, a new take on the pirates vs ninjas debate, the desperation of those left behind and two stories from the road, Psychopomp Vol.6 is 118 pages of digital greatness!

love hate 1

A Dangerous Name in Dangerous Times by Greg Rosa
Who Said This Would Be Easy by John W Lasanich
Love Amongst Strangers part 5 by Jack Buxton
On The Road To Nowhere by Stephen P Smith
The Blood is the Life II by Samuel Shiro
Beware of Hitchhikers by Jeremy Simons
To the South of Heaven by JA Torres
Pirate Material by Zachary Houle
Occupied by Christopher Francis
The Cellar by E.N De Choudens
Nightmares by E.N De Choudens
The Payoff by Dave Fragments
Poker Face by Frank Byrns
The Best Friend by Elsie
Pilfer by Mark Bousquet
Do you love me by Elsie


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