Psychopomp Volume Two – Review One And Get Two Free

posted by Jason Kenney

b1g2 Spread the word! To help promote the release of Psychopomp Volume Two on the Amazon Kindle we here at Artifice Comics have got a special deal for you:
Purchase and review Psychopomp Volume Two on Amazon and you will get, absolutely free:

Bush43 Volume 1: Oh The Lameity
Collecting Bush43 issues #0-4

Love Amongst Strangers: Twisted
Taking place following the events of both Bush43 and Love Amongst Strangers, Jacob Milnestein and Jason S. Kenney’s Twisted is the beginning of a new era for both tales… and the start of a dramatic new twist for all characters involved.

That’s a $2.98 value all for a whole $1.00! SHAZAM!

So how can you get in on this deal?

1) Buy Psychopomp Volume Two on Amazon for your Kindle reader, app, or however you read items from the Kindle store.

2) Read it. READ IT HARD!

3) Leave a review of Psychopomp Volume Two on Amazon. And be honest, you don’t have to gush in order to get free stuff. Though we do like some gushing.

4) Email us at to say “Hey, I reviewed!” and tell us your Amazon name so we can identify your review, tell our mother’s about it, and print it out to hang it on the fridge.

5) We will send you, absolutely free, EPUB and MOBI versions of Bush43 Vol 1 and LAS: Twisted. Not only are the copies free and able to be used on any number of ereaders, but they’re absolutely DRM free as well so if you decide you want to share them with friends, well, have at! (And if you wanted to go review them as well, you could do that too, we’d love you forever if you did.)

So how’s all of that sound? Pretty amazing, right? That’s a whole lotta readin’ for just $1.00 and a couple thoughts!

So tell your friends, your family, your coworkers, your old high school classmates who are now your Facebook friends who you don’t really talk to a whole lot but who blow up your wall every birthday to say things like “Happy birthday!” and “Yay, it’s your birthday!” Tell everyone!

And get readin’ so we can send you free stuff!

Who knows, maybe we’ll throw in a few extras while we’re at it…

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