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An anthology of stories set in the 1970s. All of your weirdness, all of your oddities, all of your sadness and nostalgia, your faint recollections; they are all welcome!

DEADLINE: 1st February 2017

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A quarterly anthology of varied fiction fashioned as a platform for both new and established authors.

Debuting in September 2012, Psychopomp‘s goal has always been to promote authors, poets, and artists and feature expressive stories that are unique to each issue.

Published by Artifice Comics for both Kindle and other ebook readers, each volume costs a meagre $1.17 (US) 77p (UK) ~ an admission price used to bolster funds for promotion and distribution of the anthology with a future goal of building a stable of creator owned, creator published titles to wow future audiences.

Submission Guidelines:

By submitting fiction to Psychopomp, you grant us exclusive electronic rights for 6 months, non-exclusive print anthology rights for 24 months.

Relating to the later publication of pieces previously accepted for inclusion within Psychopomp, please be aware that larger publishers may be reluctant to accept submissions that have appeared as part of an indie publication or on the internet. This will in turn limit chances of its appearance in such an anthology or the financial renumeration provided for it as it will be considered a reprint.

Please be certain that you are aware of this situation prior to submitting to Psychopomp

We aim to review all pieces within 48 hours however sometimes this is not possible. Please leave seven working days before inquiring as to the status of your submission.

Psychopomp is at present a non-paying market with all funds generated from publication of the anthology being used for the promotion of individual works by the authors involved.

Please inquire regarding reprints. Psychopomp does not accept simultaneous submissions or multiple submissions.