Supervillain poetry: Compulsion

posted by Lisa Knight

I walk amongst humanity.
We never touch eyes.
You’ve hated me, for as long as I’ve been alive.
Thought me deformed.
Now, I charm you with my power.
So you don’t see the scars.
My mutilated self.
I make you see perfection.
I make you like me as someone else.

I came to in the hours after my birth and heard screams.
I remember revulsion.
Hands smothering me.

You wanted to dispose of me.
I was garbage to be thrown on the fire.
I would have been, if one of the doctors hadn’t taken me home.

He was twisted with mercy that was not for my benefit.

I killed him when I was sixteen.
He always knew I’d outgrow him.

Now, I work in his stead.
I run his practice within the NHS.
Operating on patients in the ER.
I make people forget the mortality rate when I take up the scalpel.

I take pleasure in punishing those with beauty.
The ugly I put out of their misery.
Their families thank me.
They hate themselves for it.

I have a girlfriend that used to be young and perfect.
I make her do things.
Unspeakable things.
Not for the eyes or whims of traditional society.
I push her to Perform.
She doesn’t understand her compulsion.
I’ve made her suicidal.
Driving her towards my crazy.

I know it’s not right.
That love is a choice.
And I’ve made it for her.

But, it’s your fault.
Your ignorance.

I just want to be held.
But you won’t have me.
My appearance makes you sick.
I know this as fact.
It’s never been sugar-coated.

So I make you pay.

I take innocence and twist it.
I carve up those that are perfect and let them live with it.
You think me evil don’t you.
But if you were me, wouldn’t you think they deserved it?


Artifice Comics


Artifice Comics


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