The Millennial Creed

posted by Jason Kenney

“There was a whole island of them out in the Pacific Ocean, an island they had built themselves like it was the easiest thing in the world to do. No one had agreed to it, no one had said they could build it, yet when they had started no one had really known how to stop them.”

To be a Millennial is to have faith, to use the power of the Millennial Spark for the common goals of a society that exists within the sacred Nation of Millennials off the coast of Australia. It is to adhere to secrecy, to refrain from sharing beliefs with the rest of the world.

All Millennials were born in the late ’90s through to the early ’00s, all of them were affected by the spread of the Millennial Spark to different degrees; the power is a wave that has washed over them, however I can see it evening out eventually.

To be a Millennial is to renounce race. To be a Millennial is to renounce all other faith. To be a Millennial is to renounce gender.


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