The Other Side

posted by Jason Kenney

Waking up in a world ravaged by famine and haunted by creatures of the damned, young magician Ayesha Swanson has to figure out how to survive without the use of her powers – and find the man who banished her to a land where everything, even the rocks, trees and water, are out to harvest her soul. Accompanied by Mister Mo, her foolish but loyal bodyguard, and Aimi Underwood, her best friend that is reluctant to believe in the far-fetched, can the three of them survive their personal struggles as well as the journey towards a mysterious castle in a land where bad meets evil? Mixed with humour, horror and fantasy, The Other Side explores themes of strained friendships, death, and the ability to change one’s future within a desolate existence of a place lower than Hell. Welcome to The Other Side, where nightmares become reality.

Written by Psychopomp alumnus, Jack Burton and set within the Love Amongst Strangers universe, The Other Side is recommended for fans of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and John Constantine: Hellblazer.

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